• Marika

    This is an exclusive gift for every occasion not only cares about the appearance of the table but also wonderfully decorates interiors. The unique form of the crystal and design causes that You feel luxuriously.

  • Marika

    Crystal is a luxury product not only because of its properties, its value is still growing because the ability to manually grinding crystals is today a rare art.

  • Marika

    Has a unique luster and the skill of dispersion of light thus beautifully shines with all the colors of the rainbow.

About us

Grindery of glass and crystal Marika was established in 1991. Initially, as a small company we produced mostly colorless crystal glass, however over the years company has developed to such an extent that currently You can find in our offer the most sophisticated designs, colors and shapes of crystal products.  

The characteristic feature of our grindery is the fact that since the beginning of its activity we focus on perfection of execution and on the highest quality of created products therefore all our products are made from 24% lead oxide. The quality of our products ensures staff of specialists who care about this in order to the final product, which goes to You was on the highest level.

Together with the significant development of grindery of glass and crystal Marika we opened our own departments involved in the each stage of the preparation of the crystal to such a state in which You receive it.
We have our own factory of decorative boxes so that we can significantly reduce costs of our products while maintaining the highest quality. Our company cooperates with the oldest glassworks  renowned with a long tradition from the very many years therefore, we can provide our customers with competitive prices.
In our team, You will find the best Masters of Glass Decorating, Painters and Engravers of which we are very proud of.

In our offer You will find both traditional ornaments of which our company is famous for many years  and modern cuts of crystal and colors so we are able to satisfy the tastes of even the most sophisticated Clients. 


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