• Marika

    This is an exclusive gift for every occasion not only cares about the appearance of the table but also wonderfully decorates interiors. The unique form of the crystal and design causes that You feel luxuriously.

  • Marika

    Crystal is a luxury product not only because of its properties, its value is still growing because the ability to manually grinding crystals is today a rare art.

  • Marika

    Has a unique luster and the skill of dispersion of light thus beautifully shines with all the colors of the rainbow.


e-mail: marika@crystal-glass.pl

Wholesale Clients and individual orders:
phone: +48 600 071 303
         + 48 600 071 438

Manufacturing and Trading Company Marika
Syst Stanisław
Południowa Str. No 8
PL 27-200 Starachowice
TIN: 664-100-74-47
EIN: 290531356  

We invite You to visit our registered office where You will be able to watch the manufacturing process as well as become familiar with the products of our company.


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